Nuts about toasted pumpkin seeds & almonds

A kitchen staple: toasted pumpkin seeds and almonds.
A kitchen staple: toasted pumpkin seeds and almonds.

EATING WELL DOESN’T HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED. At the top of my simple-but-wholesome kitchen repertoire are oven-toasted pumpkin seeds and almonds. We always have a bowl of each that are bought raw, unsalted and already hulled.

A handful of pumpkin seeds in a salad or soup add flavor and a crunchy texture. Coarsely grind them for chocolate chip, peanut butter or other cookies. Sprinkle the seeds in omelets.

By themselves almonds are satisfying to nibble, or paired with fruit and cheese— a favorite breakfast. Used in baking they’re one of the tastiest nuts. Lightly ground almonds in pesto are far better than the traditional pine nuts.

Toasted on cookie sheets at 350-degrees— pumpkin seeds for 20 minutes and almonds for 15 minutes— the house is filled with the most delectable smell. Out of the oven the pumpkin seeds crackle as they cool.