Lettuce praise in Fog City

Urban Nature

FALL-SPRING IS LETTUCE SEASON in our Glen Park backyard. I plant mesclun–or mixed– romaine, arugula and leaf lettuce seeds in a ground well nourished with organic compost, peat moss, dried leaves and steer manure. It takes about a month before harvest—- I use scissors, trimming the top three inches, leaving an inch or two for regrowth. In a week the leaves are full again and ready to be shorn.

Weekly backyard lettuce harvest


Lettuce thrives in San Francisco's cool climate.

How long will the garden party last ? Provided there’s regular rain or watering, the lettuce can survive until the fog and dry season begins in June. Then the lettuce withers and it’s time to hoe it under until the fall when there’s ample sun and rain.

In addition to salad greens I plant cilantro, parsley and green onions— the only other annual herbs or vegetables that seem to prosper in SF’s quirky climate. Year-round there’s also an abundance of perennial sage, oregano and rosemary.