Quinoa and kale salad


This salad is a satisfying and flavorful side dish. Aside from kale and quinoa, any vegetable can be added. Those I use here create a pleasant mix of taste and texture. Print Yum Quinoa and Kale Salad IngredientsQuinoa, 1 cup cooked and cooled or at room temperature Cherry tomatoes, 2 cups halved Yellow, red and […]

Day of the Dead SOMArts

Around San Francisco

WHILE THE DAY OF THE DEAD IN SAN FRANCISCO follows the Nov. 2 Mexican tradition of remembrance and respect for the deceased, locally it’s also evolved into a time to reflect on the zeitgeist of local, national and international tumult. In the past I’ve gone to the Mission’s Garfield Park in the early evening of Día de […]

Serendipitous SF gardening

Urban Nature

MY GLEN PARK BACK YARD IS defined by frustration, but isn’t that the gardener’s lot ? Thankfully, being tenacious is another trait of those who grub in the dirt, along with understanding how happenstance plays a big part, for good or bad. Year after year, bit by bit, my garden has taken root. Successes have replaced […]

Tree by tree SF goes green

Urban Nature

IN AN EARLIER POST THIS SPRING I MENTIONED the burgeoning effort across the city to plant sidewalk gardens and trees, softening the concrete landscape defining many neighborhoods. On the City’s website I found a tree-population map showing how San Francisco is bereft of greenery outside of such havens as Golden Gate Park, Glen Canyon Park […]

Pistachio-pecan-two-chocolate refrigerator pie


THIS EASY NO-BAKE WHITE CHOCOLATE AND PISTACHIO PIE has a pecan and dark-chocolate crust. Before serving be sure to leave three hours to freeze the pie and another 30 minutes to defrost it in the refrigerator. A tip: start by soaking the pistachios in water for the filling so they’ll be ready to use after […]

No hurry curry soup


THIS SPICY CURRY SOUP STARTS with a simple broth made from what’s left over from a baked chicken. Boil the chicken carcass and giblets in water for about three hours, or until the liquid has been reduced by half. When cool, strain the broth into a bowl and refrigerate overnight, or place in the freezer […]

Lettuce praise in Fog City

Urban Nature

FALL-SPRING IS LETTUCE SEASON in our Glen Park backyard. I plant mesclun–or mixed– romaine, arugula and leaf lettuce seeds in a ground well nourished with organic compost, peet moss, dried leaves and steer manure. It takes about a month before harvest—- I use scissors, trimming the top three inches, being sure to leave an inch […]