Quinoa and kale salad


This salad is a satisfying and flavorful side dish. Aside from kale and quinoa, any vegetable can be added. Those I use here create a pleasant mix of taste and texture. Print Yum Quinoa and Kale Salad IngredientsQuinoa, 1 cup cooked and cooled or at room temperature Cherry tomatoes, 2 cups halved Yellow, red and […]

Day of the Dead SOMArts

Around San Francisco

THE DAY OF THE DEAD IN SAN FRANCISCO follows the Nov. 2 Mexican tradition of remembrance and respect for the deceased. It also reflects the zeitgeist of local, national and international tumult. In the past I’ve gone to the Mission’s Garfield Park in the early evening of Día de los Muertos where dozens of candle-lit […]

Serendipitous SF gardening

Urban Nature

MY GLEN PARK BACK YARD IS defined by frustration. Isn’t that the gardener’s lot ? Thankfully, tenacity is another trait of those who grub in the dirt. Understanding that happenstance plays a big part also helps. Year after year, bit by bit, my garden has taken root. Successes have replaced failures coaxing flora from San Francisco’s […]

Tree by tree SF goes green

Urban Nature

IN AN EARLIER POST THIS SPRING I MENTIONED the burgeoning sidewalk gardens and tree planting across the city that’s softening the predominant concrete landscape. On the SF government website I found a tree-population map showing just how much is bereft of greenery the city is outside of such havens as Golden Gate Park, Glen Canyon […]

Pistachio-pecan-two-chocolate refrigerator pie


THIS EASY NO-BAKE WHITE CHOCOLATE AND PISTACHIO PIE has a pecan and dark-chocolate crust.  Freeze the pie for three hours. Allow 30 minutes to defrost in the refrigerator. A tip: start by soaking the pistachios in water for the filling so they’ll be ready to use after making the crust. Print Yum Pistachio-pecan-two-chocolate refrigerator pie […]

No hurry curry soup


THIS SPICY CURRY SOUP STARTS with a simple broth made from what’s left over from a baked chicken. Boil the chicken carcass and giblets in water for about three hours, or until the liquid has been reduced by half. When cool, strain the broth into a bowl and refrigerate overnight, or place in the freezer […]

Lettuce praise in Fog City

Urban Nature

FALL-SPRING IS LETTUCE SEASON in our Glen Park backyard. I plant mesclun–or mixed– romaine, arugula and leaf lettuce seeds in a ground well nourished with organic compost, peat moss, dried leaves and steer manure. It takes about a month before harvest—- I use scissors, trimming the top three inches, leaving an inch or two for […]